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Entry #4

Dj Zapher is back :)

2008-03-15 13:00:26 by Diamondz07

I`ve been away from FL studio because the Univertisy ¬¬ , but now, im inspired ^_^, so now, is latin rythms, lite reggaeton, Salsa , Bachata, Kumbia......... etc... the picture below is from a song called " DIme Donde". My uploads will be Kumbiaton, Salsaton and Bachaton, I hope you like it :P

Dj Zapher is back :)


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2008-03-17 23:51:17

my FLStudio files have never have so much... those thing... not sure what the name... XD


2008-12-10 11:29:26

That`s an screenshot from another project!!!! that`s not yours, Im sure xD. I kill u xD